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Bearing Maintenance
care & feeding
Bearing Page
Response Systems
friction stickers

Top row from left to right:
  Duncan friction sticker • YYJam Matrixx O-ring • ProYo brake pad
Bottom row from left to right:
  Henrys Tiger Snake raised ring • Losi star burst • ProYo GT wood
Response Systems used in today's modern Yo's have to work well
considering how wide the string gap has become. Yosters usually
have a favorite system. Most people don't like replaceable stickers,
reason cost. Setting the gap wide on a Yo one needs to consider the
response system. In some cases a sticker maybe added to where
there was none for better response performance. Combining what
amount of oil applied to the bearing and the type of response system
present, tuning a Yo becomes an art.
Material & Tools
    tools for yoyo stickers
Pictured stickers are Duncan & Custom Yo-Yo's
Aka: performance rings, turbo discs, friction
biscuits, speed rings and turbo brake pads.
How to make Stickers
  Scissors, exacto knife, hole punch, coins & pen.
Cutting circles
  First trace a coin the size you need, next
  fold in half, cut the half moon shape and unfold.
  Placing tape on wax paper makes it easier to
  handle. Experiment with different size rings,
  sticker width and distance from axle.

Yo's are fun and the fun starts Now!
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Today's YoYo's aren't toys, they're Hi-Tec devices called Yo's!
(Duncan did own the trademark Yo-Yo, they can have it!)
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