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Yo-Yo Bearings need maintenance. Response & Sleep Time are factors that today's Yoster should be aware of.
!!WARNING flammable liquids, solvents, etc., and the vapors they produce, are extremely DANGEROUS!!
    Cleaning Agents (to use)
  • Denatured Alcohol
    The whole idea of denaturing alcohol is to make you
    ill if you drink it. If enough is ingested it can kill.
    Don't use Rubbing Alcohol, contains water will rust.
  • 100% Mineral Spirits aka: Paint Thinner
    A petroleum distillate. The flash point of
    mineral spirits is around 100F, 38C.
  • Electric Motor Cleaner (Spray)
    Duratrax Powershot, NAPA Brake & Parts
    various kinds available. Some not harmful to
    plastics. Maybe used with Bearing in place.
  • Lighter Fuild (petrolum base, gasoline)
    Lighter fluid (petrolum base products) will
    damage plastics after prolonged exposure.
All of the above solvents can be used with the
Cleaning Process described for bearings. Please
be careful! Parental supervision maybe required.
Avoid using any flammable material near flames. Dispose
of used solvent properly and store in a suitable container.

Oil slows a bearing down making it more responsive.
example: Place a few ball bearings in glass, move it around.
The balls move about freely. Put some oil in and the balls
movement slows. This action allows one to tune a bearing
for return to the hand Yo response.
    Cleaning Process Wear Safety Glasses!
  • Glass Jar (baby food No lid)
    Use a glass jar to soak the bearing in.
    The time may vary. A plastic jar will melt.
    Gently swirl bearing and than let soak.
  • Pencil (or jewelers screw driver)
    Place the soaked bearing on the end of a
    pencil and spin it. Wear Saftey glasses.
    Repeat soak and spin. The number of times
    will vary according to the condition of the
    bearing. Bearing should spin freely when done!
  • Paper Towel
    Place bearing on paper towel after soaking
    & spinning, allow time to dry before oiling.
  • Needle Oilier
    For applying oil in measured amounts use
    a Needle Oilier. The amount of oil or no oil
    (Dry), will affect sleep time and response.
    Response is referring to the Yo's ability to
    return to the hand. More response the Yo
    will return easier, less response it would
    hardly return if not at all. A dry bearing will be
    less responsive, but will increase sleep time.
    Noise maybe present when a bearing is dry.
    This is caused by the balls of the bearing
    skidding along and not rolling. One drop of
    light oil is recommended, coating the inner
    metal surfaces to prevent rusting. Yo On!
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